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Enhancing Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs: High School & Post-Secondary Collaboration

“CTE Legislation & Direction”

Presented on September 7, 2023

In this session, we will explore the latest legislation and trends shaping CTE programs in Illinois high schools. Discover how these changes align with post-secondary programs and learn how to effectively support student success.

About Us

The mission of the Illinois New and Related Services Affiliate is to provide leadership for its members to influence the development, delivery and promotion of quality workforce training in a diverse and changing economic, social, and technological world.

Illinois New and Related Services (INRS) is composed of Sub-Groups representing members across various fields working closely with Career and Technical Education.

Each Affiliate sub-group may establish its own constitution, bylaws, and rules of procedure, which shall be in harmony with the INRS and IACTE Constitutions.

INRS Executive Board

President – Dr. Eric Lasky

Secretary – Dr. Dana King

Treasurer – Dr. Michael Kuhn 

Past-President – Michael P. Moriarty, NBCT

INRS Sub-Groups

Instructional Materials – CTE educators who design curriculum and programming.

Policy Makers – CTE leaders including CTE school administration, CTE advocacy, and legislative organizations.

Professional Development – Educators who train CTE and support CTE instructors.

Applied Academics Instructors – Instructors who educate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills in relation to a career pathway.

Research – Government and labor agencies and non-profits

Support Staff – Workforce Preparation Trainers, Apprenticeship, WIOA, School to Work, and other similar projects.

Post-Secondary – Educators who work in CTE fields at colleges and universities.

Work-Based Learning – Professionals working to provide students with authentic learning experiences in business and industry